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SYNC 3 Emulator Launches!

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2016 by Ford Partner Relations

FordDev is happy to introduce an exciting new tool for the AppLink community making it easy and cost-efficient to develop your apps compatible with the new SYNC 3 system.

SYNC 3 AppLink Emulator is a software program that helps developers create AppLink-enabled apps by allowing them to test how their app will look and work on a SYNC 3 interface – without access to an actual vehicle.

“The SYNC 3 AppLink Emulator makes app development far more accessible to the developer community,” says Dave Hatton, manager of mobile app development, Ford Connected Vehicle and Services. “We expect this tool to open the door to a host of new and exciting car-friendly apps from developers, both big and small, around the world.”

Check out the Android emulator here:

See the iOS emulator here:

The emulator allows a smartphone to connect to the developer’s computer – just like it would normally connect to SYNC 3. The software platform then mimics SYNC 3 by connecting to the app running from the developer’s phone. The user fine-tunes the look and functionality of the app, then can instantly see how the created features would appear on the in-vehicle touch screen.

The software allows developers to set certain conditions – such as vehicle speed, location, temperature and mileage – to test how the app responds to each. These customizable settings empower developers to make apps that deliver more personalized experiences for customers.

We hope this emulator will help speed up development, especially in markets where developers have limited access to vehicles or even a TDK. We still have TDKs available for developers to schedule free time to develop and test apps located in the Cetecom Open Lab Alliance location in Milpitas. Interested FordDev Community members can schedule time via the Alliance website to reserve a TDK.

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