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SYNC 3 Emulator Launches!

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2016 by Ford Partner Relations

FordDev is happy to introduce an exciting new tool for the AppLink community making it easy and cost-efficient to develop your apps compatible with the new SYNC 3 system.

SYNC 3 AppLink Emulator is a software program that helps developers create AppLink-enabled apps by allowing them to test how their app will look and work on a SYNC 3 interface – without access to an actual vehicle.

“The SYNC 3 AppLink Emulator makes app development far more accessible to the developer community,” says Dave Hatton, manager of mobile app development, Ford Connected Vehicle and Services. “We expect this tool to open the door to a host of new and exciting car-friendly apps from developers, both big and small, around the world.”

Check out the Android emulator here:

See the iOS emulator here:

The emulator allows a smartphone to connect to the developer’s computer – just like it would normally connect to SYNC 3. The software platform then mimics SYNC 3 by connecting to the app running from the developer’s phone. The user fine-tunes the look and functionality of the app, then can instantly see how the created features would appear on the in-vehicle touch screen.

The software allows developers to set certain conditions – such as vehicle speed, location, temperature and mileage – to test how the app responds to each. These customizable settings empower developers to make apps that deliver more personalized experiences for customers.

We hope this emulator will help speed up development, especially in markets where developers have limited access to vehicles or even a TDK. We still have TDKs available for developers to schedule free time to develop and test apps located in the Cetecom Open Lab Alliance location in Milpitas. Interested FordDev Community members can schedule time via the Alliance website to reserve a TDK.

See AppLink In Action With The FordDev Team At CES

Posted on Monday, December 21, 2015 by Ford Partner Relations

If you are attending CES next month in Las Vegas, make sure you get to the main Ford display to the all-new SYNC 3 in action. The FordDev team will be providing demos of AppLink applications and discussing the exciting capabilities that the all new SYNC 3 provides to developers.

From the 8” color capacitive touch screen that provides immediate and concise feedback to the vehicle data integration that creates compelling features for Ford owners, AppLink on SYNC 3 is an entirely new experience that must be seen.

Join Ford in North Hall exhibit 2122 to see the newest AppLink partners on display and check out the cool new Ford GT, the official vehicle of CES 2016. Limited meeting times are still available as well, so if you have an exciting new app that you want to AppLink enable, send a short overview to

Happy Holidays see you in the New Year!

FordDev Team

FordDev Hacks: Growing in 2015 and Beyond

Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 by Ford Partner Relations

2015 has been a record year for the amount of developers we have been able to interact with through hackathons held all over the world. More than 500 developers joined the FordDev team at events in Brazil, the United States, Israel, China, and Ireland to innovate and compete for prizes.

In February, we held our first hackathon in South America during Campus Party in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The overnight coding event was held right at the Ford stand, allowing the 8000 developer-campers who slept in tents on the grounds all week to come cheer on the participants (and help keep them awake in the wee hours of the morning). The winner of the contest received a brand new Ford Ka for their entry, Bom  Motorista (Good Driver).

Europe and the Middle East developers also got their first opportunity to join in a local FordDev hackathon as we held events in Tel Aviv, Israel and Dublin, Ireland.

Over 100 developers showed up in Tel Aviv to compete for cash and prizes, including a Ford Fiesta and $15,000 in services from WeiserMazars. Developers not only competed with their coding skills, but were also invited to test their vocal range with a rousing karaoke challenge at 2AM. Nothing like music to get the creative juices flowing!

At the beginning of November the FordDev team showed up in Dublin for Web Summit. We also brought along €100,000 in cash and prizes to hand out-our richest hackathon to date! Not only did Liz roll out the karaoke challenge to keep the room rocking overnight, but the hackers were treated to a special appearance by Executive Chairman Bill Ford who spoke to the group. Mr. Ford thanked the participants for helping Ford keep our promise to innovate for our owners and encouraged them to think about mobility as a whole-not just in the car. He also stopped to speak with a few developers and to take a look at what they were creating with the AppLink APIs.

Thanks to all of the FordDev community who came out to hack with us this year. 2016 is going to be an even bigger year for events where you will get a chance to interact with the AppLink team, win prizes, and compete to get your app in to Ford vehicle.

Watch for a list of events to come soon after the New Year. We will be bringing a hackathon somewhere near you, and we want you to come innovate with us!

Check out the FordDev YouTube channel to see other hack events.

Here’s to a bright New Year to all!

 FordDev Team

Join the Ford Dev Team at CES 2014

Posted on Monday, December 09, 2013 by Ford Partner Relations

Heading to CES in 2014? Want to pitch us your idea for a cool AppLink enabled application? The Ford Dev Global Business Development team will be holding meetings throughout the week at CES in January and we want to hear from you! We are looking for innovative and unique app designs that incorporate the awesome new features and functionality included in the AppLink 2.0 SDK release. If you have an extraordinary idea and think you can impress us, go to the Contact Us form tell us a little bit about your app and why you think it deserves to become an AppLink enabled app. You may get an invitation to join us at the Ford display in North hall to go in to more detail and possibly even be invited to work with the Ford Dev team to enable your dream app. Make sure to Include: Where Will Your App Will Be Distributed?

  • Global
  • Specific Markets; North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, India
Is Your App Currently Available or In Development? Give An Overview of the In-Vehicle Experience? How Would Use the New AppLink 2.0 Capabilities? Space is very limited so respond soon with your cool app idea…and we may see YOU in Vegas!

Get In The Car!

Posted on Sunday, January 06, 2013 by Ford Partner Relations

In 2008 Apple flung open the gates of the walled gardens in the mobile content world and changed the landscape forever. Developers responded by flooding through these gates, tearing down the content silos and toppling those walls that had kept them out for so long. The way that this simple, but brilliant act changed the entire world is astounding.

The mobile device is the common denominator that has promoted this global identity change. It is what truly makes an application mobile. My background in the mobile industry spans retail distribution from the days of bag phones (they are a real thing, look them up) to smartphones, as well as the mobile content world from the days of Snake, Sudoku and ringtones, to the likes of MLB, Pandora, and Glympse today.

I have witnessed the transformation from the emergency phone that cost $1.99 per minute to place a call (and ended up in the glove box, often with a dead battery) to the handheld computer that contains ‘my whole life’ for billions of people today. Smartphone users report that their device is never more than 3 feet away at any point during their normal day. For many people around the world, part of that day is spent in a vehicle…commuting, traveling, running errands.

It is for this reason I am personally very excited to welcome you to the Ford Developer Program. The road has been leading to this moment since the launch of SYNC in 2007 and then the addition of AppLink in 2010. I look forward to building the Ford Dev community with you and eagerly anticipate the innovation each of you will bring to areas such as safety, navigation and entertainment.

We have unlocked the doors and dropped the top. So come on…get in the car!


Scott Burnell

Partner Relations Lead

Ford Dev