It’s time to drive smarter: Waze makes its fully-integrated big-screen debut on Ford SYNC
With 100 million users worldwide, the crowd-sourced traffic-busting navigation app Waze is obviously doing something right – and now, it’s coming to... more
2000 channels and they’re always on – what’s not to Heart?
As one of the first partners to launch an AppLink enabled app, iHeartMedia has worked closely with the FordDev team over the last seven years – and as they shift support to their flagshi... more
Fleet Fuel Management Solution and Touch Based Infotainment System Named the Winners of the 2018 Make It Driveable Challenge Tel Aviv. The event took place during the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, which draws hundreds of high-tech companies, investors and international corporations tog... more
2018 Ford Hackathon Argentina

The next edition of Ford's Hack... more

AppLink Brings Productivity in to Ford Vehicles!

Some of your favorite brands that h... more

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There are two kinds of music fans—those who just want something to put on in the background, and those who LOVE music. And these days, listeners who fall into the seco... more
New in 6.1.0: Choice Set Manager that exposed through the SDLScreenManager introduced in v.5.2.0. More enhancements in the Changelog Many Bugfixes and improvements. v6.1.0... more
As the SDLC and its open-source connectivity platform approaches its 2nd anniversary, the FordDev team, along with its consortium partners, recently wrapped up their second ann... more
Scott Burnell of the FordDev Team gives us a behind-the-scenes report from the Make It Driveable Challenge LA, which was hosted during Mobile World Congress Americas, 11-14 Septemb... more