It’s time to drive smarter: Waze makes its fully-integrated big-screen debut on Ford SYNC
With 100 million users worldwide, the crowd-sourced traffic-busting navigation app Waze is obviously doing something right – and now, it’s coming to... more
2000 channels and they’re always on – what’s not to Heart?
As one of the first partners to launch an AppLink enabled app, iHeartMedia has worked closely with the FordDev team over the last seven years – and as they shift support to their flagshi... more
Scott Burnell of the FordDev Team gives us a behind-the-scenes report from the Make It Driveable Challenge LA, which was hosted during Mobile World Congress Americas, 11-14 September. more
2018 SDL Developer Conference [VIDEO]

As the SDLC and its open-source con... more

2018 Make It Driveable Challenge Tel Aviv Winners

Fleet Fuel Management Solution and ... more

2018 Ford Hackathon Argentina

The next edition of Ford's Hack... more

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Ford Dev Team Europe pictured at MWC Barcelona, February 25-28, 2019. (Left-right) Peter Geffers, Andreas Brockers, Daniela Rauhut, Scott Lyons, Don Butler, Borbala Nagy, Silvi... more
Ford announces new in‑vehicle apps designed to help drivers – including those in larger commercial vehicles – navigate to new destinations quickly, confidently a... more
If you’ve ever been to CES you know what it’s like when your destination is “just over there”—but it still takes you an hour to arrive. You know th... more
There are two kinds of music fans—those who just want something to put on in the background, and those who LOVE music. And these days, listeners who fall into the seco... more