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SmartDeviceLink (SDL) iOS 6.1.0 has been released

Posted on Thursday, November 1, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

New in 6.1.0:

  • Choice Set Manager that exposed through the SDLScreenManager introduced in v.5.2.0.
  • More enhancements in the Changelog
  • Many Bugfixes and improvements.

v6.1.0 - Choice Set Manager

This release updates to support RPC spec 5.0.0. It also adds a Choice Set Manager that exposed through the SDLScreenManager introduced in v.5.2.0.

Remember that some features only work on head units that support that feature.

Specs Supported



  • PlayPause button name has been added for subscription #246.
  • Added the ability to play an audio file (such as a jingle) through TTSChunk, which may be used in an Alert or Speak RPC, for example [SDL-0014] #524.
  • Added CRC checksums to data transfers (such as images or files) and automatic retrying of failed transfers, customizable via a new SDLFileManagerConfiguration [SDL-0037] #599 #1013 [SDL-0191] #1043.
  • Added the ability for app icons to appear on the head unit without data being transferred after the first connection [SDL-0041] #600.
  • Added the ability to send an image as "template", this is a single color image that can be re-colored by the head unit automatically to fit with the background. e.g. on a white background the image will appear black, and on a black background, white [SDL-0062] #626.
  • Added a displayName parameter to displayCapabilities and deprecate displayType [SDL-0063] #627.
  • Added new vehicle data: Fuel Range [SDL-0072] #641, Engine Oil Life [SDL-0082] #706, Electronic Park Brake Status [SDL-0102] #761, Tire Pressure [SDL-0097] #748, and Turn Signal [SDL-0107] #791.
  • Add the ability for submenu menu cells to have icons [SDL-0085] #719.
  • Add new vehicle capabilities that can be remotely controlled by an application: Seat Controls [SDL-0105] #792, lights, display settings, and additional audio capabilities [SDL-0099] #755, [SDL-0165] #954, [SDL-0182] #1022.
  • Add the ability to check the status of remote control modules [SDL-0106] #800, [SDL-0172] #990.
  • Add the ability to modify the play / pause button to show either play, pause, stop, or play / pause [SDL-0109] #892.
  • Support both USB / BT and WiFi transports simultaneously when streaming video on supported head units [SDL-0141] #900.
  • Allow apps to alter template primary, secondary, and tertiary colors while connected to a supported head unit through the RegisterAppInterface and SetDisplayLayout APIs [SDL-0147] #909.
  • Allow checking for the availability of a secondary graphic [SDL-0151] #917.
  • Support short and full appIds [SDL-0153] #942.
  • Allow Perform Interaction Choice Set Choices to not include voice commands [SDL-0064] #943.
  • Add a choice set manager to assist in presenting choice set menus and keyboard interactions [SDL-0157] #970.
  • Add an enum for static icons [SDL-0159] #944.
  • Update TCP transport for production #946.
  • Separate SDL example app code better #1056.

Bug Fixes

  • TCP transport failure is now reported via a notification #911.
  • The Obj-C and Swift example apps can now run without crashing without cleaning #981.
  • Swift Cocoapods subspec will now properly download lock screen assets #1026.
  • The SDLLockScreenConfiguration showInOptionalState being true was not properly preventing dismissal of the lock screen #1070.
  • Fix possible crashes in SDLAsynchronousRPCOperation on cancellation of operations #1076.
  • Fix can't get CarWindow rootViewController #1100.
  • Fix setting CarWindow rootViewController not on main thread #1101.
  • Add audio transcode files to default log module map #1103.

See all the changes and the changelog.

SmartDeviceLink (SDL) iOS 6.0.0 has been released

Posted on Friday, June 29, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

The SDLC has announced that iOS 6.0.0 has been released!

Release, including Notes, can be found here: .

This release removes SDLProxy, SDLProtocol, SDLTransport, and related classes from being public. It also adds a Menu Manager that is exposed through the `SDLScreenManager` introduced in v.5.2.0.


For further support on this release, please direct any questions to the SDL Slack Team Channel - #ios-help

RadioPlayer, the radio streaming app, now with full AppLink integration, returns to AppLink UK this month

Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

RadioPlayer, the radio streaming app developed in partnership with the BBC, returns to AppLink in the UK this month.

Now boasting full AppLink integration, the service brings together the best of commercial stations and BBC radio, and allows Ford customers to enjoy in-vehicle streaming of their favorite local radio stations.

Thanks to AppLink connectivity, the full range of web-based radio broadcasts can be enjoyed in Ford vehicles anywhere in the UK – even if the desired local station is not available on traditional channels like AM or FM.

Other features include station recommendations and favorite lists, the option to browse local or trending streams, and a diverse range of station categories from news and sport to pop, rock, indie, and everything in between.

2018 Ford Hackathon Argentina

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

The next edition of Ford's Hack'n'Sync challenge comes to Campus Party at the Tecnóplis Showroom in Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 26-27

Thursday, April 26

Ford's integrated open talks and workshops by Ford executives.

Friday, April 27

Ford’s Hack‘n’Sync challenge begins. This is where creative and passionate designers, application developers and project leaders from around the world will gather to enjoy 10 hours of open coding experience. The objective will be to create disruptive and innovative mobile applications within 10 hours that contribute to improving people’s quality of life by seeking efficiencies in the way we move.


This is the second year that Ford will host the Hack‘n’Sync challenge with Ford AppLink®, a 10-hour hackathon that was developed within the local Campus Party edition, in the Tecnópolis showroom and runs from April 26 to 27. As the only automaker in attendance, Ford will host workshops and open talks led by Ford executives.

The goal of the Hack‘n’Sync challenge is to create disruptive and innovative mobile applications that contribute to improving people’s quality of life, seeking efficiencies in the way we move. To achieve this, creative and passionate designers, application developers and project leaders from around the world are invited to enjoy 10 hours of open coding experience.

Using AppLink software to open code, the creative process of each team will result in a series of applications that will be presented to the jury and will be evaluated according to the degree of innovation, creativity and possible use in the vehicles.

In addition, Ford will also host two workshops in which executives will provide more tools to attendees to further develop their projects. The first workshop is entitled Design Thinking and will be hosted by Carla Isler, Ford Argentina, IT Business Area Relationship Manager. Design Thinking is a methodology that is changing the way we address complex problems and will help attendees to start thinking about Mobility solutions, ideation and prototyping for the Hack‘n’Sync. The final workshop is entitled AppLink Open Class where attendees can learn about how to use AppLink to control Android apps. This workshop will be hosted by Agustín Perez Moreno, Ford Argentina, Senior Connected Services Engineer.

Prizes up for grabs are a Notebook Gamer LEGION Y720 i7 16 worth $1,500.00USD, a Cellular Motorola Z2 + MOD JBL Sound Boost worth $1,000.00USD and a PlayStation 4 PRO worth $500.00USD.

Take your favorite Alexa Skills on the road with AppLink’s fully-integrated Ford+Alexa and Lincoln+Alexa interface

Posted on Friday, April 6, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

Your car just became smarter – and more fun – with the further integration of Amazon’s Alexa interface into AppLink.

Simply plug your smartphone into AppLink and speak to Alexa – just as you would at home – to pull up any of the 25,000-plus skills currently on offer.

First, Ford integrated an Alexa Skill allowing owners to speak commands such as “Alexa, ask FordPass to start my vehicle,” or, “Alexa, ask FordPass how much fuel I have in my car”; now Ford has opened up access to the full Alexa Skillset to AppLink users while they’re on the road with the launch of Ford+Alexa and Lincoln+Alexa apps .

That means that you can ask Alexa to check your diary for the day en route to the office; fire up that motivational music playlist you’ve been working on; or pick up where you left off in that book you’ve been listening to. Just ask, and Alexa will respond – through your vehicle’s speakers – in the same familiar voice you hear through your Echo or Dot at home.

And because you can keep Alexa running in the background regardless of any other apps you may have open in SYNC, it means you can still fire questions at Alexa about your to-do list while your touchscreen is displaying Waze, for example, and navigating you around that traffic jam that’s just been logged.

Elizabeth Halash, Ford’s Third Party Cloud API Supervisor, said: “The integration of Ford+Alexa into AppLink builds on the versatility of Alexa as a platform and the success of services already offered via FordPass. We know, for example, that our customers love to unlock and start their vehicles remotely, or check tire pressure using their Amazon Echo.

“With Ford+Alexa we’ve taken that concept and developed it further, allowing our drivers to bring both the ease of use and familiarity of Alexa in the home into their vehicles – and onto the road.

“There are thousands of Alexa skills available, and this is a great way to leverage more functionality out of AppLink and help our customers make the most of their time behind the wheel.”

Ford+Alexa is currently only available in the United States – a worldwide release date has yet to be confirmed.

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