Early Access to Ford Connected Vehicle APIs Offered to FordDev Community!

FordDev is excited to announce the availability of the first Ford Connected Vehicle APIs to our global community. These APIs will allow developers to integrate remotely with Ford and Lincoln connected vehicles directly through the embedded modem. 

These new APIs are a tremendous step forward in the evolution of the Ford Connected Vehicle ecosystem. Ford has enabled developers to connect drivers when they’re in the vehicle through the use of our popular AppLink APIs (built on the open source SDL platform) since 2013, and now we’re adding the ability to access the vehicle remotely to create features and experiences beyond the vehicle and into the daily lives of Ford owners.

The Ford Connected Vehicle APIs are JSON-structured, REST-based APIs that makes it easy for developers to integrate with Ford and Lincoln vehicles empowering innovation and creating valuable customer experiences. These APIs will also leverage IoT industry standards such as OAuth 2.0 and Swagger for ease of integration.

The initial API sets focus on GPS location, Command and Control, and Vehicle Status Information with more functionality to be included over time:

GPS location  

Find the parked or moving location of an eligible, customer-allowed Ford or Lincoln connected vehicle

Command & Control  

Access lock and unlock capability as well as remote start and other vehicle functionality.

Vehicle Status Information

Learn about important vehicle information such as mileage, fuel status and tire pressure.



The Ford Connected Vehicle APIs availability are part of the strong Ford Smart Mobility belief that content integration drives freedom of movement, and developers are at the heart of our efforts. With over 1 Million modem connected vehicles on the road and more rolling out every day, Ford is committed to actively pursuing new connected vehicle experiences to delight our customers.