AppLink Partners Take Center Stage at CES 2017

Ford continues its relationship with Amazon with the release of Alexa in-vehicle compatibility. Last year we announced our initial collaboration with Amazon and demonstrated a proof of concept for car-to-home and home-to-car capabilities. This year, Ford will bring the Ford-to-Alexa connectivity to customers. Read the press release.

We are very excited to partner with ExxonMobil to extend the Speedpass+ mobile app in to Ford vehicles to make finding, pumping, and paying for fuel easier and quicker.  The Speedpass+ app monitors the vehicle fuel level and sends a low fuel alert to the driver via SYNC.  Don’t know where the nearest Exxon or Mobile station is? No problem, the app can send directions to SYNC embedded navigation to get you there. 

Then, once you arrive, simply say the pump number, or press the corresponding pump number on the SYNC display. Fill your tank, and get back in the vehicle. Your preferred payment method and receipt preferences saved in the Speedpass+ app will automatically complete your transaction! Read the press release.

Ford and Samsung are working together to help make customer experiences seamless, safer, and more personalized inside the vehicle.  Drivers who have Samsung’s Gear S2 or Gear S3 smartwatches can now connect their smart watch to the SYNC system through an app. Drivers will receive notifications around parking spots and event reminders, as well as reminders to stay alert. Read the press release.

Dash Radio is 100% digital streaming radio that is 100% free! Listen to music from a wide array of genres, curated by your favorite celebrity DJs like Snoop Dogg and Kylie Jenner.

Developed by IVOX, DriverScore is the first in-car app that provides drivers with a personalized driving score based on their driving behavior. DriverScore encourages better driving and potentially rewards drivers with lower insurance rates by providing users an easy way to access personalized insurance quotes. 

Simply connect the DriverScore app and its sophisticated algorithm uses vehicle generated data to create a score that is only available to the driver until such time that they want to make the score available in the DriverScore MarketPlace where insurers can then see the score and offer potential discounts on auto insurance. Read the press release.


Ford is introducing mobile navigation capability to SYNC AppLink providing the ability to project the navigation app directly onto the SYNC 3 touchscreen and utilize voice commands. Sygic is the first navigation app partner to take advantage of the new capability.

When a smartphone is paired to the vehicle via a USB cable, the Sygic app is projected to the vehicle’s touchscreen and linked to voice controls making the navigation experience more convenient and easier to use. Read the press release.