Authorized Vendors

Ford is committed to helping you succeed. Not only is support available from our engineers, but also we have made, and will continue to make, key partnerships with top-notch development and testing houses.

Development Partners



jacAPPS is one of the most dynamic mobile application development companies in the United States. Specializing in apps for media but with a broad portfolio of over 750 apps created, the company provides mobile strategies, social media consultation, research services, and app development.
jacAPPS was selected by Ford as a preferred partner to provide support for developers seeking to enable their apps to work effectively with the SYNC® AppLink™ system.
For more information about jacAPPS, head over to or contact Alex Young at


Testing Partners



CETECOM expands its Application and Automotive Testing Services as a Ford Preferred Vendor and independent third-party test lab for AppLink™ applications.
Through the preferred testing partnership, CETECOM offers specific test services, geared for the Ford Motor Company SYNC developer network, to assist in the approval process for AppLink™ applications.
CETECOM is renowned for independent consulting, qualified testing and approved certification in the telecommunications and information technology industries. State-of-the-art, accredited testing facilities, 19 years of experience in wired and mobile telecommunications technologies, comprehensive expert knowledge and the independence of the company make CETECOM a neutral partner of the industry that contributes to the smooth running of products and applications while ensuring that they meet international standards.
High-tech companies benefit worldwide from this in the form of fast and successful market entry. As a member of numerous specialist bodies, CETECOM is also actively involved in the development and standardization of global specifications for future technologies.
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