Connected Car Expo: Panel Discussion

Digital Innovation: Where we’re at and Where we’re headed

At the Los Angeles Connected Car Expo we convened industry leaders to explore today’s complex vehicle systems and innovative technologies. What are the hottest trends in auto innovation today? Where is the industry headed? How can auto innovators capitalize on the opportunities?

Speakers: George Lynch (Pandora); John Waraniak (SEMA); Kyle Vogt (Cruise). Moderator: John Ellis

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Automotive IoT: What Developers Need to Know

Industry experts estimate that every car will be connected in some way by 2025, and the market for connected vehicle technology will reach $54 billion by 2017. Listen to industry experts discuss how the connected car is transforming the industry and what this means for developers.

Speakers: Liz Kerton (Auto Tech Council); Jay Giraud (MOJIO); Sam Funkuchen (Applico); Scott Burnell (Ford Developer Program). Moderator: Jon Bassford

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Video courtesy: App Developer Alliance