FordDev to Sponsor First Annual SDL Dev Conference & Hack!


App Developers  •  Automotive OEMs   •  Connected Car Suppliers

The connected vehicle revolution is upon us. Autonomous cruisers are hitting the streets in cities all over the world, testing and planning for a future where your car will be just like your living room. Evolving from streaming audio to video games, movies, and television, content consumption on the road is rapidly becoming an all-immersive experience. Join industry leaders such as Ford and Magellan to learn how SDL can open the door to millions of vehicles across the globe today, and prepare you for the in-vehicle ecosystem of tomorrow.

SDL enables Developers to use a single linking solution for both iOS and Android applications to deliver an in-vehicle content experience appropriate for the road and tailored to the vehicle controls such as voice control, in-dash, or rear seat displays.

Automotive OEMs conscious of third party solutions that are quickly expanding their own ecosystems within the vehicle can maintain control by adopting SDL. Hear why  Toyota, Mazda, PSA, Suzuki, Subaru, and Ford have all committed to this platform which allows each OEM full control of HMI and branding, content decisions, and most important, vehicle data access and monetization opportunity. 

Anyone in the Automotive Supply Chain, including software and hardware developers, Tier 1 suppliers and more can join the SDLC and have a voice in crafting this open source technology. Add SDL to your product offering to enhance your connectivity offerings as an adopter. SDL is available today for free, and encouraged as a single connectivity solution for any industry. 


SDL Conference 

Moscone West, Theatre 2022 (2nd Floor) 

Sep 12,   9AM-5PM

Today’s cars are smarter than ever before. They can tell you your daily schedule, fit in an oil change if necessary, and then route you around construction so you can use the lunch deal that was offered on your dash.

SDL provides a single solution for enhancing, administering, and benefitting from this burgeoning in-vehicle ecosystem. Join Ford, Magellan, and other SDLC members as they present a full day program addressing the swiftly changing landscape of content and connectivity. Explore the immediate opportunities and the future possibilities that SDL provides to the entire connected car community.

  • See the rapidly expanding vehicle market around the world as Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki, Subaru, Peugeot, and Citroen join the millions of Ford vehicles already on the road supporting the SDL connectivity platform
  • Learn the simple development process Magellan and others have used for integrating SDL in to a mobile app in order to provide your user base  a single solution across any major mobile OS
  • Understand the impact that the encroachment of third party ecosystems poses to bottom line and how SDL empowers OEMs to maintain and monetize connectivity in the vehicle
  • Explore how access to vehicle generated data will enhance content and feature innovation from navigation and vehicle health, to entertainment and communication
  • Learn about the evolution of the SDL platform and how anyone can participate, and even contribute to the success of this industry leading initiative
  • Lunch Provided


SDL Hackathon 

One Kearny Club 

Sep 11-12 10AM-8AM


$5000 to be awarded to the most innovative connected vehicle application! Compete for a share of cash and other great prizes in the first-ever SDL connected car hackathon.

The next great ideas for connected content will come from our community of SDL developers. If this means you…come show off your innovation at the first ever all-SDL hackathon!

  • Get unprecedented access to the top technology teams from automakers such as Ford and other SDL adopters
  • Gain hands-on experience with in-vehicle hardware already in use around the world, and exciting soon-to-launch connected products
  • Dive in to vehicle generated data and show us new and exciting features you could deliver to drivers and passengers

Join SDL members and app developers in an overnight hackathon as we celebrate innovation and creativity in the connected car.  We’ll kick off the event with master classes on the morning of Monday Sep 11, outlining the simple integration process for SDL that allows your mobile app to talk to the car, and then we’ll set you loose to code until 6:30AM on Tue Sept 12 when you get to present your cool connected car app to a panel of industry experts. Winners will be announced during the SDL Developer Conference (which immediately follows the hackathon) during the GSMA America Show.  Food, fun, code, creativity…what more could you ask for!

Register Today, space is limited.