Mobile World Congress

With MWC 2018 in full swing, the team at Ford Connected Vehicles are gearing up to reveal the latest developments coming to the AppLink platform.

Speaking from the event, Andreas Brockers (Business and Partner Development, Connected Vehicles and Services, Ford Europe) said the apps they are showcasing for MWC 2018 highlight the versatility and scope of the AppLink platform.

“We’ve brought a range of new apps to Barcelona that showcase the flexibility of AppLink, and our enthusiasm for implementing new and existing ideas into the driver’s experience.

“With WebEx, for example, we’re taking an established conferencing solution and integrating it seamlessly into the driving experience. Using voice recognition or your vehicle’s touch screen, you can stay connected to your WebEx meetings while you’re on the go.”

Further enhancing the driving experience, the arrival of Waze to AppLink provides Ford customers with an intuitive navigation tool built around an active, engaged community of drivers. Andreas added: “The goal of Waze is basically to ‘outsmart traffic’ – to draw on crowd-sourced information and deliver optimal, up-to-date route options to the end-user.

And while Waze is helping plan your journey and expected time of arrival, Acast will serve up a selection of your favorite or recommended podcasts to stream or download – with suggestions of what to listen to based on your planned journey time.

“Acast is a great example of the utility of AppLink,” according to Andreas. “By analysing driver data and expected commute time, the app effectively tailors content to fit the driving experience. As a Use-Case, it shows how the team at Ford can take an idea and then expand and develop it into something that adds value to the driving experience.

“So if you have an existing app, or even an idea for an app, come and have a coffee with one of the Ford team at the Ford booth at MWC. We’re always keen to meet new developers, and help start-ups and developers identify new directions for their ideas in the context of Ford’s ‘Make It Driveable’ mission.

“We treat developers as partners, and we work closely with them throughout the entire process. You may not think your app is relevant to the driving experience, but that’s where we come in – and developers are often surprised at our ability to find new Use-Cases for their ideas.”

MWC will also give the team a chance to demonstrate internal developer projects and offer a first look at apps announced earlier in the year.

Radio station aggregator Radioplayer allows Ford customers to stream their favorite local radio stations – independent of where they are while driving, and even if they are not available on traditional channels like AM or FM.

Apps that are being demonstrated include: HearMeOut, the leading voice-based social media platform; SYGIC, a subscription-based navigation app; and SyncMyFleet, which showcases how AppLink technology can be used to achieve greater efficiency for businesses by pushing job alerts and other relevant data directly from the office to the driver’s screen, or via a Text-to-Speech alert.

Details of BPMe – a new fuelling app developed in partnership with BP which guides Ford customers to the nearest BP fuel station and allows them pay for fuel while sitting in their car, all via the SYNC 3 touchscreen – will also be announced, though the app is not yet ready for demonstration.

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