ROXIMITY delivers relevant offers and alerts based on your location and your preferences. Lunch time? Receive an offer as you pass by that place you love. Shopping? Get notified when your favorite store is having a sale and you’re nearby. Choose categories and how often you want them and ROXIMITY delivers these offers via text message, mobile app, and of course, in your car!


Why was in-vehicle integration important to your company?
ROXIMITY is entirely based around in-vehicle integration. We provide the very best personalized recommendations for the best local restaurants, events, gas stations, and more.

How did you decide what features to extend to Ford owners through AppLink?
We wanted to make the in-car ROXIMITY experience as simple as possible. We keep interactions such as voice commands simple, but all of them result in great value and results.

How did SYNC voice command impact your development approach?
We were able to start with AppLink in mind, so all offers are designed to utilize the voice commands most effectively. Once a user selects an offer, they can save it to their phone or even give a SYNC voice command to call the merchant directly, which really allowed us to build a seamless product.

What type of resource allocation did AppLink enablement require?
The implementation of AppLink took very little time, as the examples and tutorials make it easy to get basic functionality going quickly!

How did the AppLink development experience differ with that of other OEM efforts (if applicable to you)?
Because the AppLink SDKs are based on platforms we’re already familiar with (iOS and Android) we were able to get going immediately without learning new languages or frameworks. Speed to market was amazingly quick.

Was the testing process for an automotive adaptation of your mobile app similar or different from others you experienced (if so, how)?
Testing with the TDK is super slick, and offers a unique hands-on experience.

Did the testing process highlight any usability issues you may not of been aware of previously?
The testing process allowed us to catch errors that would have otherwise gone unnoticed by targeting all the various states of the device, the TDK, bluetooth, and AppLink itself.

Are you exploring any additional AppLink features based on your experience thus far?
We’re always exploring ways to innovate with Ford.

Any message, story, or information you would like to share with the Ford Dev community and potential AppLink developers?
It’s been an incredible experience working with Ford. Our company was created from winning a Ford sponsored hackathon. With this amazing opportunity we’ve had the chance to use the car as a blank canvas to build some remarkable technology, while delivering the right content to consumers.