Once you have developed an application that is appropriate for in-vehicle use you must ensure that that you app interacts properly with vehicle HMI and the SYNC system.

We cannot stress enough the necessity to thoroughly test every aspect of the AppLink™ command and control for each feature in your connected application. It is frustrating to have applications crash while sitting on the couch, so you can imagine the frustration if the same happens while on the road.
Prior to submitting your application for approval, it is imperative that you perform and pass the full suite of tests provided on this site. You are required to submit records of your validation tests along with your approval request that Ford will use as a reference while completing our validation of your application.
You will want to make sure that you are accurately performing and passing the validation tests as any apps that fail testing will incur a fee for subsequent submissions. The team here wants nothing more than to help you make your AppLink™-enabled application available for Ford owners, but we are a small team and just can’t perform trial and error bug fixing.

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