When Car Meets Android Developers
Ford Dev delivered the keynote speech at Android Day 2013, a two-day event by local media in Taiwan. Ford also participated in a panel discussion which revolved around how Ford and its Ford Developer Program is fostering the collaboration between the mobile and automotive industries, along with the critical role the global app developer community will play. Highlights included: the rapidly growing momentum of SYNC, the adoption of AppLink and the proactive Ford promotion of open source development through the GENIVI- hosted SDL.

Many of the participants were developers who first learned about AppLink during Computex 2013 and have been working on projects to get their apps in to Ford vehicles since the show and considered the Android Day discussions valuable for moving their projects forward! Industrial analysts and researchers mentioned several times in their reports that "Ford grows fast and ahead of the in-car infotainment technology!" and also mentioned that Ford’s communication efforts at CES, MWC, Computex and MAE truly demonstrated industry leadership.