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Welcome. Developer meet Car. Car meet Developer.

Posted on Sunday, January 6, 2013 by Ford Dev Team

Welcome. ようこそ. Bienvenidos. Bienvenu. Willkommen. 歡迎光臨.

2013 is going to be a great year for developers. As one myself, I’m happy to see the continued growth of various development platforms; new smartphone SDKs, projects like Raspberry Pi, and other initiatives churning out innovation to make things that are very cool, very useful, and hopefully, make some money.

That's why I'm excited that Ford is launching the Ford Developer Program, a global program to bring the coolness of SYNC® AppLink™ to Android and iPhone app developers around the world. @, you’ll find the resources to build, integrate, test and deploy your mobile apps with integration in to Ford vehicles. We already have 13 different brands including Pandora, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, NPR News,, Roximity and TuneIn Radio that have already used our APIs to create voice activated applications using SYNC AppLink. We’ve also had a number of cool developers like Kaliki, USA Today, Rhapsody, Amazon Cloud Player and Glympse all use this site in beta form to develop their applications. With their help, we’ve consolidated all of our learnings in to resources available on this site to create working, vehicle-controlled and voice-enabled applications in AppLink-equipped vehicles today. And all these apps are developed on the smart phone, no vehicle required (though it is helpful)!

Much like any developer program, we have a lot to offer, but we have a lot of work to do. Currently, we only have hardware emulators available. When you’re ready, you can request one via the site. But we’re really working towards getting you our software emulator. This will let you test your application virtually, so you don’t have to test against hardware until you’re absolutely ready. On the SDK front, we are working hard on the next version to bring you additional functionality and vehicle access. Stay informed by ensuring you have the most updated contact information in your developer profile. We are also interested in hearing about ideas you have for a more awesome development experience. Please drop us a note @ – and don’t be shy.

I’m excited to take this journey with all of you, and hope you’re in for the ride as well. I love car puns, get used to them.


Julius Marchwicki

Global Product Manager, AppLink

Ford Motor Company

4 thoughts on “Welcome. Developer meet Car. Car meet Developer.

  1. Hello, I manage the “OpenData” program for the City of Ottawa (Canada). We’re about to launch our second Apps4Ottawa contest in February. It’s a contest that encourages developers to build apps based on our data and APIs with $36,000 in prizes. One of the categories for this year’s contest is “On The Move”, i.e. any application that helps people get around the city. This would include traffic/road based apps.
    There might be a great opportunity to promote the use of Ford’s AppLink™ application programming interface (API) within the contest and encourage people to develop on it. This would be great for us, our residents, and Ford if people develop on that platform.
    Would someone be interested in following-up to see if a connection could be made between our initiatives?

  2. Congratulations to Ford for taking this step!
    Kudos - this will definitely help to create momentum for the eco-system..
    This is in line with our vision too - we are in for the ride....
    and would also like to offer a ride to others as well :-)
    - Dr Harsh Verma,
    V.P. of Global Innovative Research & Head, Mobility Solutions for ITS,
    R Systems International

  3. What about Applink for MyFordTouch (MFT) with Sync owners?

    • Shawn,
      Right now, our MFT customers state their number one concern is quality. So we've focused on consistently releasing updates to them focused on quality. I know that no AppLink on MyFordTouch is frustrating, but we continue to work on it.
      However, we are committed to rolling out AppLink to non-MFT customers and are making it available globally.