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AppLink Emulator Beta 1 Release

Posted on Friday, March 8, 2013 by Ford Dev Team

The first Beta release of AppLink Emulator (ALE) is finally here! ALE will let you connect an AppLink-enabled App and see how it would work with AppLink right on your computer.

Now, remember ALE is still in Beta. Some features are not yet fully supported, but we didn't want to wait any longer to get it out to you! We will continue to add more features so keep checking back for updates. We can't wait to see what awesome Apps you are going to come up with!

After logging in, ALE Beta 1 can be found within the Develop Tab under the AppLink Emulator link. Updated SDKs for use with ALE can be found in their respective locations under the Develop Tab.


Ford AppLink Team

8 thoughts on “AppLink Emulator Beta 1 Release

  1. I am also facing same issue where in the logcat shows that the Android app(AppLink tester) is trying to connect to
    9 but fails to connect.

    • Looks like a firewall/proxy issue. I connected the laptop directly to the router through LAN and mobile device through WiFi to the same router and was able to connect and test the AppLinkTester app.

      Hope this might be useful.

  2. i am facing same issue. Even i am not able to connect on android emulator using IP and port 50007.

  3. I am facing connectivity issue with my nexus 7 and applink emulator in winows.
    Problem description:
    I have started applink emulator in windows 8, my ip is,
    than i started applink tester app on nexus 7 which is havin Ip
    both are in same network.
    Now when i start the syncproxy it does nothing.
    Please help asap what should i do???
    waiting for reply.