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AppLink/SDL iOS Library Version 5.2.0

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

Dear AppLink Partner,

We just released a new version of the SmartDeviceLink Library for iOS

## Benefits of updating:

  • SDLScreenManager which will allow easier handling of the current view on the headunit. You can find a guide here.
  • More enhancements in the Changelog
  • Many Bugfixes and improvements.

  To download the library, you can:

  • [recommended] Update your podfile (please note that we changed the podspec from “SmartDeviceLink-iOS” to “SmartDeviceLink” in order to be ready for future improvements).
  • Download the Library from here.

Pre 5.0.0 users:

5.0.0 introduced some breaking changes and required a major version bump. If you are already use the new manager you can use this guide to upgrade to 5.0.0. If you are a long time user of the library and are still using the proxy directly, please also check out this guide.

 v.5.2.0 - Screen Manager

This release adds a new SDLScreenManager which enables easier use of (so far) text, graphics, and soft buttons. Access it through the screenManager property on SDLManager.


  • Add a screen manager which currently handles text, graphics, and soft buttons [SDL-0134] #862
    • Add soft button object and states, which allow for declaratively designing soft buttons with multiple states
  • You can now create an SDLArtwork without a name and a name will be generated based on a hash of the data. You can also now upload an artwork through SDLFileManager and have uploaded artwork names passed back to you [SDL-0124] #865
  • You can now batch send RPCs either as a batch, or sequentially, waiting for the previous RPC request to respond before sending the next one. This may be useful for batch sending addCommands or for sending a performInteraction immediately after the createInteraction finishes [SDL-0087] #723
  • There is now a change registration manager for managing language [SDL-0054] #617

Bug Fixes

  • (Navigation / Projection Apps) Fix single taps often being recognized as a pan; there is now a customizable threshold at which pans will be registered; it defaults to 8px #884
  • Fixed crash when using log files #872
  • Fix SDLUploadFileOperation not finishing on error #860
  • Work around a module ListFiles bug on previous SDL Core versions #827

See all the changes and the changelog.

This release is made up of 188 commits.

Thanks to contributors @joeljfischer@NicoleYarroch@kshala-ford@t-yoshii@Lievesley@shoamano83.

v5.1.0 - Automatic Video Streaming

This release makes significant feature additions around video and audio streaming for NAVIGATION and PROJECTION applications. There are additional fixes and additions for all applications.


  • Log unsuccessful RPC responses automatically.
  • IAP Transport reconnection optimizations.
  • Adds SDLAudioStreamManager that does on-the-fly transcoding of audio files to an SDL compatible PCM format and can send that audio to be played. This is for NAVIGATION applications only.
  • CarWindow automated ViewController based streaming.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix SDLSlider initializer infinite recursion.
  • Fix crash if disconnected while setting up the app icon.

See all the changes, and the changelog.

This release is made up of 124 commits. Thanks to contributors @joeljfischer and @NicoleYarroch.

v5.0.0 – Modernized API

This release makes breaking changes and enhancements to your SDL workflow. See all the changes, and the changelog. See the news post for some code examples of what's new!

The guides have been totally updated and new functionality has been covered in new guides. Check out the guide to update from pre-v4.3 to v4.3+ and from v4.3+ to v5.0.

This release is made up of 736 commits.

Thanks to contributors @brettywhite@ChrisB-Elektrobit@cromotron@harisheb@joeljfischer,

 @mrapitis@NicoleYarroch@piyushkhosla@Rconroy@shoamano83, Takamitsu Yoshii, and William Wallace.

Breaking Changes

  • SDLProxy.streamingMediaManager is now removed. If you wish to use a streaming media manager, you must use SDLManager.streamingMediaManager. The streaming media manager has been entirely redesigned and now takes into account both phone and head unit app lifecycles SDL-0033. There is now a streaming media configuration added to SDLConfiguration.
  • SDLJingle constants have been removed #7.
  • Public files SDLJsonEncoder.hSDLJsonDecoder.hSDLDecoder.h, and SDLEncoder.h have been removed #8.
  • SDLSiphonServer has been removed; if something similar is needed, it may be custom built and inserted into the SDLLogManager #85.
  • RPC array and dictionary properties are now immutable #152.
  • SDLOnWaypointChange, a misspelling of SDLOnWayPointChange has been removed #489.
  • SDLRPCStruct and all RPC subclasses now take an immutable dictionary to decode #122SDL-0005SDL-0005.
  • SDL enums are now all stringly typed in Objective-C, and swift enums in Swift #20 SDL-0006.
  • iOS 6 and iOS 7 are no longer supported SDL-0008 SDL-0024.
  • Use nullability annotations throughout the project #73 SDL-0018.
  • Remove SDLRPCRequestFactory, initializers now exist on most RPC classes SDL-0020.
  • SDLTTSChunkFactory was removed, use the initializers on SDLTTSChunk instead SDL-0021.
  • Handler events now provide better parameters instead of generic ones SDL-0027.


  • Most properties are now nonatomic, which should speed up the library significantly #49.
  • SDLLockScreenViewController now uses template images, reducing the size of the library #450.
  • RPC classes now conform to NSCopying SDL-0011.
  • Added convenience methods for pulling out SDL notifications from NSNotification callbacks #553.
  • SDLTouchManager now supports gesture cancellation #673.
  • SDLStreamingMediaManager now supports automatic GetSystemCapability calls #686.
  • SDLRegisterAppInterfaceResponse fixed pcmCapabilities not being exposed #714.
  • Generics have been added for collections throughout the library SDL-0007.
  • SDLFileManager will not stream from a file on disk if possible SDL-0025.
  • SDLFileManager added methods for sending multiple files in one call SDL-0029.
  • Added additional SDLManager delegate methods for all onHMIStatus state changes SDL-0032.
  • Added a handler to SDLPerformAudioPassThru SDL-0035.
  • SDLStreamingMediaManager now supports H.264 + RTP SDL-0048.
  • Added SDL Remote Control baseline SDL-0071.
  • Focusable items can now be sent (to Core 4.4+) and a manager exists that will automatically handle finding and sending those rects if a UIWindow is set in the SDLStreamingMediaConfiguration. They will also be passed back to the developer through the SDLTouchManagerDelegate SDL-0075 SDL-0081 SDL-0090.

Bug Fixes

  • Services are now properly ended with hash ids #661.
  • Constants are now unified into one style #711.
  • Fix streaming media manager always assumed 30fps streaming; it can now be custom set by developers in the video encoding dictionary #717.
  • Fix a possible crash if the List Files request from the FileManager fails due to disconnection or unregistration #789.


  • SDL constants are now constants instead of #define #3.
  • Some protocol property and enum names were incorrect but now fixed #275.
  • Internal getters and setters on RPC classes no longer repeat code everywhere #493.
  • SDLOnLockScreenStatus does not use constants for property keys #497.
  • Removed deprecated methods #679.

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