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New version of the SmartDeviceLink Library for ANDROID just released

Posted on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

Benefits of updating

In addition to a number of fixes and enhancements, this update ensures Android Oreo compatibility and is a required update!

This update requires a manual modification of the Manifest files. Please see this guide here.

How to get the new Library

For easy integration of SmartDeviceLink Android into your project using Gradle, Maven or Ivy please grab a snippet from Bintray



API New Features & Breaking Changes

  • IMPORTANT: SdlRouterService manifest declarations now require an intent-filter and meta-data tags. These changes can be found in the documentation.
  • Now targeting version 26 to make use of new Android Oreo features.
    • Most broadcast intents are now sent explicitly instead of implicitly
  • Added methods to send a batch of RPCs. This includes chaining RPC messages or sending them all at once


  • Added method calls to retrieve pcmCapabilities from the SystemCapbilityManager
  • SdlRouterService had a good deal of refactoring and cleaning up to remove warnings and issues
  • Created a new way to retrieve the library version from apps.
  • Version checking for SdlRouterService is now performed before starting an actual router service.
  • General enhancements and stability fixes to the multiplexing transport feature

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a potential deadlock within the LegacyBluetoothTransport
  • Fix issue with video streaming not being able to restart after being stopped
  • Fixed issue where OnHMIStatus was ignored if the level was the same, but the AudioStreamingState had changed
  • Fixed potential NPE in the SdlProxyBase class when a packet was malformed
  • Fixed issue that would incorrectly unregister apps from the module through the router service when apps are being force closed and others register
  • Fixed issue in SdlRouterStatusProvider class where the handler wasn't able to obtain a looper.
  • Fixed issue in ServiceFinder class where the handler was using a looper than was exiting and therefore not posting the expected runnable
  • Fixed an issue that kept the SdlRouterService notification icon showing even if there were no current connects
  • Fixed an issue where the SdlRouterService would start regardless of what bluetooth device it connected.
  • UsbTransport was given a few fixes around incorrect exiting calls
  • Fixed an issue found with some modules where they would return a single SpeechCapability instead of a list


API New Features & Breaking Changes

  • Now uses compile version 26 to handle breaking changes in Android Oreo
  • MOBILE_PROJECTION added as an app type
  • Gesture cancellation was added as a touch even type
  • More languages were added to the Language enum
  • SystemCapaibilityQuery was added with a new SystemCapabilityManager that can retrieve capabilities
  • VideoStreamingCapabilities were added. Includes supported codecs, resolution, etc
  • Added constructed payloads using BSON
  • SDL Remote Control functionality was added. Supports radio and climate controls.
  • Added MetadataType to Show lines
  • Spatial data for video streaming apps added with HapticData


  • Enhanced video streaming APIs
  • Added much more test coverage
  • Updated buffer read in sizes and streaming packetizers to use TLS max record size
  • Consolidated all references to sdl.router.startservice string into single constant
  • Refactored RPC classes to consolidate redundant code for retrieving items from underlying data structures
  • MultiplexBluetoothTransport is no longer a singleton
  • Improved inline documentation
  • h.264 streaming now includes SPS/PPS NAL units with every I frame to match iOS library
  • Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) video streaming is now supported
  • Correlation IDs are now set automatically. Can be retrieved or overwritten by developer.
  • Introduced new video streaming callback and deprecated used of pipped streams
  • Added an internal interface for common functions between different managers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed potential out of bounds exception in BinaryFrameHeader
  • Fixed issues with unit tests and TravisCI
  • Fixed potential NPE in SdlProxyBasemethod, performBaseCommon()
  • Fixed potential NPE in MultiplexTransport constructor
  • Fixed potential NPE in SdlRouterServicemethod, handleMessaage() for AltTransportHandler
  • Fixed potential NPE in SdlRouterServicemethod, writeBytesToTransport()
  • Removed hardcoded androidDebuggable = "true" from manifest
  • Added fixes to be compatible with Android Oreo (Does not supported target API level 26 yet)
  • Fixed issue where intent from router service was delayed
  • Apps now trust themselves as router service hosts
  • Removed ambiguous validation call in SdlBroadcastReceiver and unused intent extra
  • Cleared all warnings from SdlProxyBase


  • Added integration that will deploy to Bintray
  • Issue and pull request templates were added for GitHub
  • Codecov integration was added
  • Updated README links

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