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Take your favorite Alexa Skills on the road with AppLink’s fully-integrated Ford+Alexa and Lincoln+Alexa interface

Posted on Friday, April 6, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

Your car just became smarter – and more fun – with the further integration of Amazon’s Alexa interface into AppLink.

Simply plug your smartphone into AppLink and speak to Alexa – just as you would at home – to pull up any of the 25,000-plus skills currently on offer.

First, Ford integrated an Alexa Skill allowing owners to speak commands such as “Alexa, ask FordPass to start my vehicle,” or, “Alexa, ask FordPass how much fuel I have in my car”; now Ford has opened up access to the full Alexa Skillset to AppLink users while they’re on the road with the launch of Ford+Alexa and Lincoln+Alexa apps .

That means that you can ask Alexa to check your diary for the day en route to the office; fire up that motivational music playlist you’ve been working on; or pick up where you left off in that book you’ve been listening to. Just ask, and Alexa will respond – through your vehicle’s speakers – in the same familiar voice you hear through your Echo or Dot at home.

And because you can keep Alexa running in the background regardless of any other apps you may have open in SYNC, it means you can still fire questions at Alexa about your to-do list while your touchscreen is displaying Waze, for example, and navigating you around that traffic jam that’s just been logged.

Elizabeth Halash, Ford’s Third Party Cloud API Supervisor, said: “The integration of Ford+Alexa into AppLink builds on the versatility of Alexa as a platform and the success of services already offered via FordPass. We know, for example, that our customers love to unlock and start their vehicles remotely, or check tire pressure using their Amazon Echo.

“With Ford+Alexa we’ve taken that concept and developed it further, allowing our drivers to bring both the ease of use and familiarity of Alexa in the home into their vehicles – and onto the road.

“There are thousands of Alexa skills available, and this is a great way to leverage more functionality out of AppLink and help our customers make the most of their time behind the wheel.”

Ford+Alexa is currently only available in the United States – a worldwide release date has yet to be confirmed.

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