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New to Ford AppLink®: streaming app TIDAL

Posted on Friday, November 9, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

There are two kinds of music fans—those who just want something to put on in the background, and those who LOVE music.

And these days, listeners who fall into the second category are discovering TIDAL.

The streaming app’s focus on top-quality playlists, engaging podcasts, and high-fidelity sound are winning it more fans every month.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that developers at TIDAL have successfully integrated their App into Ford AppLink®.

The app has now launched globally for iOS—Android is coming soon—which means audiophile drivers of Ford vehicles everywhere can now easily enjoy TIDAL in the car.

Currently available in 52 countries, TIDAL brings artists and fans together through unique music and content experiences. The service boasts nearly 60 million songs from today’s most important artists, high-fidelity sound quality, and expertly curated editorial content.

TIDAL is also the artist’s choice. It was founded from the start with the commitment of artist-owners like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Madonna, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Jack White, and Jason Aldean, with the vision of creating a more sustainable streaming model for the music industry.

We’re delighted to have helped the team at TIDAL bring the app to our user base—making for an even better driving experience for AppLink® users worldwide.

SmartDeviceLink (SDL) iOS 6.1.0 has been released

Posted on Thursday, November 1, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

New in 6.1.0:

  • Choice Set Manager that exposed through the SDLScreenManager introduced in v.5.2.0.
  • More enhancements in the Changelog
  • Many Bugfixes and improvements.

v6.1.0 - Choice Set Manager

This release updates to support RPC spec 5.0.0. It also adds a Choice Set Manager that exposed through the SDLScreenManager introduced in v.5.2.0.

Remember that some features only work on head units that support that feature.

Specs Supported



  • PlayPause button name has been added for subscription #246.
  • Added the ability to play an audio file (such as a jingle) through TTSChunk, which may be used in an Alert or Speak RPC, for example [SDL-0014] #524.
  • Added CRC checksums to data transfers (such as images or files) and automatic retrying of failed transfers, customizable via a new SDLFileManagerConfiguration [SDL-0037] #599 #1013 [SDL-0191] #1043.
  • Added the ability for app icons to appear on the head unit without data being transferred after the first connection [SDL-0041] #600.
  • Added the ability to send an image as "template", this is a single color image that can be re-colored by the head unit automatically to fit with the background. e.g. on a white background the image will appear black, and on a black background, white [SDL-0062] #626.
  • Added a displayName parameter to displayCapabilities and deprecate displayType [SDL-0063] #627.
  • Added new vehicle data: Fuel Range [SDL-0072] #641, Engine Oil Life [SDL-0082] #706, Electronic Park Brake Status [SDL-0102] #761, Tire Pressure [SDL-0097] #748, and Turn Signal [SDL-0107] #791.
  • Add the ability for submenu menu cells to have icons [SDL-0085] #719.
  • Add new vehicle capabilities that can be remotely controlled by an application: Seat Controls [SDL-0105] #792, lights, display settings, and additional audio capabilities [SDL-0099] #755, [SDL-0165] #954, [SDL-0182] #1022.
  • Add the ability to check the status of remote control modules [SDL-0106] #800, [SDL-0172] #990.
  • Add the ability to modify the play / pause button to show either play, pause, stop, or play / pause [SDL-0109] #892.
  • Support both USB / BT and WiFi transports simultaneously when streaming video on supported head units [SDL-0141] #900.
  • Allow apps to alter template primary, secondary, and tertiary colors while connected to a supported head unit through the RegisterAppInterface and SetDisplayLayout APIs [SDL-0147] #909.
  • Allow checking for the availability of a secondary graphic [SDL-0151] #917.
  • Support short and full appIds [SDL-0153] #942.
  • Allow Perform Interaction Choice Set Choices to not include voice commands [SDL-0064] #943.
  • Add a choice set manager to assist in presenting choice set menus and keyboard interactions [SDL-0157] #970.
  • Add an enum for static icons [SDL-0159] #944.
  • Update TCP transport for production #946.
  • Separate SDL example app code better #1056.

Bug Fixes

  • TCP transport failure is now reported via a notification #911.
  • The Obj-C and Swift example apps can now run without crashing without cleaning #981.
  • Swift Cocoapods subspec will now properly download lock screen assets #1026.
  • The SDLLockScreenConfiguration showInOptionalState being true was not properly preventing dismissal of the lock screen #1070.
  • Fix possible crashes in SDLAsynchronousRPCOperation on cancellation of operations #1076.
  • Fix can't get CarWindow rootViewController #1100.
  • Fix setting CarWindow rootViewController not on main thread #1101.
  • Add audio transcode files to default log module map #1103.

See all the changes and the changelog.