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SmartDeviceLink (SDL) iOS 6.1.0 has been released

Posted on Thursday, November 1, 2018 by Ford Dev Team

New in 6.1.0:

  • Choice Set Manager that exposed through the SDLScreenManager introduced in v.5.2.0.
  • More enhancements in the Changelog
  • Many Bugfixes and improvements.

v6.1.0 - Choice Set Manager

This release updates to support RPC spec 5.0.0. It also adds a Choice Set Manager that exposed through the SDLScreenManager introduced in v.5.2.0.

Remember that some features only work on head units that support that feature.

Specs Supported



  • PlayPause button name has been added for subscription #246.
  • Added the ability to play an audio file (such as a jingle) through TTSChunk, which may be used in an Alert or Speak RPC, for example [SDL-0014] #524.
  • Added CRC checksums to data transfers (such as images or files) and automatic retrying of failed transfers, customizable via a new SDLFileManagerConfiguration [SDL-0037] #599 #1013 [SDL-0191] #1043.
  • Added the ability for app icons to appear on the head unit without data being transferred after the first connection [SDL-0041] #600.
  • Added the ability to send an image as "template", this is a single color image that can be re-colored by the head unit automatically to fit with the background. e.g. on a white background the image will appear black, and on a black background, white [SDL-0062] #626.
  • Added a displayName parameter to displayCapabilities and deprecate displayType [SDL-0063] #627.
  • Added new vehicle data: Fuel Range [SDL-0072] #641, Engine Oil Life [SDL-0082] #706, Electronic Park Brake Status [SDL-0102] #761, Tire Pressure [SDL-0097] #748, and Turn Signal [SDL-0107] #791.
  • Add the ability for submenu menu cells to have icons [SDL-0085] #719.
  • Add new vehicle capabilities that can be remotely controlled by an application: Seat Controls [SDL-0105] #792, lights, display settings, and additional audio capabilities [SDL-0099] #755, [SDL-0165] #954, [SDL-0182] #1022.
  • Add the ability to check the status of remote control modules [SDL-0106] #800, [SDL-0172] #990.
  • Add the ability to modify the play / pause button to show either play, pause, stop, or play / pause [SDL-0109] #892.
  • Support both USB / BT and WiFi transports simultaneously when streaming video on supported head units [SDL-0141] #900.
  • Allow apps to alter template primary, secondary, and tertiary colors while connected to a supported head unit through the RegisterAppInterface and SetDisplayLayout APIs [SDL-0147] #909.
  • Allow checking for the availability of a secondary graphic [SDL-0151] #917.
  • Support short and full appIds [SDL-0153] #942.
  • Allow Perform Interaction Choice Set Choices to not include voice commands [SDL-0064] #943.
  • Add a choice set manager to assist in presenting choice set menus and keyboard interactions [SDL-0157] #970.
  • Add an enum for static icons [SDL-0159] #944.
  • Update TCP transport for production #946.
  • Separate SDL example app code better #1056.

Bug Fixes

  • TCP transport failure is now reported via a notification #911.
  • The Obj-C and Swift example apps can now run without crashing without cleaning #981.
  • Swift Cocoapods subspec will now properly download lock screen assets #1026.
  • The SDLLockScreenConfiguration showInOptionalState being true was not properly preventing dismissal of the lock screen #1070.
  • Fix possible crashes in SDLAsynchronousRPCOperation on cancellation of operations #1076.
  • Fix can't get CarWindow rootViewController #1100.
  • Fix setting CarWindow rootViewController not on main thread #1101.
  • Add audio transcode files to default log module map #1103.

See all the changes and the changelog.

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