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SDL iOS 6.6: v6.6.0 - SystemCapabilityManager Updates and Many Fixes

Posted on Monday, August 10, 2020 by Ford Dev Team

This release brings enhancements and bug fixes including SystemCapabilityManager updates and Secondary Transport fixes.

Remember that some features only work on head units that support that feature.

Specs Supported

Change Highlights


  • The secondary transport now starts only when the app has been brought to HMI Full (#1145).
  • SDLSystemCapabilityManager enhancements and alignment with Java Suite ((#1535).
  • The SDLManagerDelegate now has a videoStreamingState callback (#1546).
  • The secondary transport will no longer be immediately shut down when the app goes to the background (#1560).
  • Deprecated SyncPData and EncodedSyncPData RPCs (#1599).

Bug Fixes

  • Many lock screen fixes (#1504, #1523, #1545, #1565).
  • Threading fixes around the response handler map (#1515).
  • Many secondary transport fixes (#1551, #1561).
  • Revert deprecations in RPCs relating to NSDictionary (#1557).
  • Fix SDLStreamingMediaManager returning an incorrect value for isStreamingSupported (#1569).
  • Fix using incorrect MTU sizes for non-RPC services (#1577).
  • Fix IAP crash when the output stream closes (#1583).
  • Fix potential threading crash in SDLChoiceSetManager (#1584).
  • Fix a potential race condition crash in the text and graphic manager (#1595).

See all the commits and the changelog.

This release is made up of 464 commits. Thanks to contributors @joeljfischer, @NicoleYarroch, @theresalech, @justingluck93, @kshala-ford, @lapinskijw, @ashwink11, @yangjun, @zhouxin627, @yLeonid, @o-mishch, and @vladmu.