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Get In The Car!

Posted on Sunday, January 6, 2013 by Ford Partner Relations

In 2008 Apple flung open the gates of the walled gardens in the mobile content world and changed the landscape forever. Developers responded by flooding through these gates, tearing down the content silos and toppling those walls that had kept them out for so long. The way that this simple, but brilliant act changed the entire world is astounding.

The mobile device is the common denominator that has promoted this global identity change. It is what truly makes an application mobile. My background in the mobile industry spans retail distribution from the days of bag phones (they are a real thing, look them up) to smartphones, as well as the mobile content world from the days of Snake, Sudoku and ringtones, to the likes of MLB, Pandora, and Glympse today.

I have witnessed the transformation from the emergency phone that cost $1.99 per minute to place a call (and ended up in the glove box, often with a dead battery) to the handheld computer that contains ‘my whole life’ for billions of people today. Smartphone users report that their device is never more than 3 feet away at any point during their normal day. For many people around the world, part of that day is spent in a vehicle…commuting, traveling, running errands.

It is for this reason I am personally very excited to welcome you to the Ford Developer Program. The road has been leading to this moment since the launch of SYNC in 2007 and then the addition of AppLink in 2010. I look forward to building the Ford Dev community with you and eagerly anticipate the innovation each of you will bring to areas such as safety, navigation and entertainment.

We have unlocked the doors and dropped the top. So come on…get in the car!


Scott Burnell

Partner Relations Lead

Ford Dev

FordDev & SDL well represented at 2019 CES

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 by Ford Partner Relations

If you’ve ever been to CES you know what it’s like when your destination is “just over there”—but it still takes you an hour to arrive.

You know the pain of walking 20 miles per day and never seeming to get anywhere.

And you’re intimately familiar with surviving on less sleep in a week than you’d normally get in a night.

Oh, and did I mention that this all takes place with 200,000 of your closest friends…in the middle of the desert?

Still, CES is CES. For all its minor annoyances, there’s nothing like it in the world.

If you were at the show this year, I hope you had a chance to stop by the main Ford exhibit in the North Hall (or one of our satellite locations outside). We showed off integrations with a number of FordDev partners in a Mustang, Raptor, Lincoln Aviator, and more.

Just a short walk away from the Ford space was our SDL exhibit. That’s where Subaru gave the first sneak peek of their upcoming SDL head unit—which, incidentally, brings OEM participation to four. (You may remember Ford, Toyota, and PSA have previously shown their SDL-powered head units.)

This is a huge win for SDL and for the developer community, because now your apps will work in even more vehicles!

Long-time SDL adopter Sygic, one of the first apps to use SDL Projection, showed demos of some of their updated features. Luxoft displayed a testing suite for SDL software, while Garmin had a great segment which showed an integrated dash cam and other innovative uses for SDL.

Xevo, a very active member of the SDLC, also showed their marketplace and additional capabilities to the thousands of attendees who stopped by the exhibit.

In 2019, the consortium will finalize development on our SDL cloud APIs which can be used for delivering cloud services or progressive web apps in to the vehicle. SDL project maintainer Livio produced an excellent example of how these new APIs could be used in a demonstration from inside a Lincoln MXC which drew a lot of interest.

This breakthrough will give developers the ability to use the same APIs to deliver content in the vehicle via mobile app or cloud. Tons of developers and OEMs alike are watching progress closely here.

We’ll share more on API availability for Ford vehicles soon! In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you in Barcelona next month for Mobile World Congress.

FordDev Team

The SDLC has announced that Android 4.6.0 has been released!

Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 by Ford Partner Relations

The SDLC has announced that Android 4.6.0 has been released! The release, including Notes, can be found here:

This release includes an improvement to the router service foreground lifecycle, where the notification will now only appear when connecting to SDL hardware.

For further support on this release, please direct any questions to the SDL Slack Team Channel - #android-help.